2022 Parade
March 26th

Chairman John Martin

Photo: Steve Morton


From John M. Martin, Parade Committee Chairman

Greetings and a long delayed welcome to all from the White
Plains St. Patrick’s Day Committee on the occasion of our 23rd
annual parade. This is our 25 th year and we all know why we
missed the last 2 parades! Our committee has worked diligently
over the last many months to bring this event to you – may the
results of our efforts bring enjoyment to you all today.
Many thanks are due to all the marchers, the volunteers, the
participants, the Mayor, the Common Council, our city staff and
particularly the Department of Public Safety, Public Works,
Recreation and Parks, the White Plains Parking Department and
the staff of the White Plains Downtown Business improvement
District. Recognition and appreciation must go to our sponsors
and all the contributors who make this event a success.